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Ronny has been singing and performing since he was 3 years old. Starting in church as a child, he knew right away of his love for all styles of music and the effect it had on his soul. Ronny's older brother and sisters introduced him to Rock N Roll music which was a break from his mom's love of country music and his dad's love of Blue Grass. Growing up in the Southend of Columbus and performing in school choirs opened his eyes and heart to classical music, and laid a foundation to learn how to sing with power, versatility and to perform with panache. Ronny left The Ohio State University, and the Symphonic Choir he had performed in for three years, to join an incredible local band called Mercenary. After gigs at the Agora and the Sugar Shack on campus, his bands played and performed all over Ohio and he enjoyed writing songs with various musicians including Richard Povenmire. Playing in bands throughout the 80s and 90s, Ron settled in Obetz to raise his 3 children and to enjoy his day job in the paper and printing industry. Then in 1999 came a new band that would last for the next 14 years ... The Choosy Muthas. The Muthas were a fun, loose, crazy bunch of incredible musicians who played all styles of Rock N Roll and performed it with gusto. Ron also performs and sits in with local bands with his friends.  Southend Boys are a new venture with outstanding musicians and a love of real Classic, Iconic Rock N Roll. 



Jason Leavitt is the big drummer from the band Disturbed Silence. He will be performing with the Southend Boys on August 3rd, 2023. He is a pure power drummer that can play with dynamics and is a John Bonham disciple.



Chris Steberl began playing guitar at age 8 and became serious about the instrument after hearing Van Halen's "Eruption" for the first time. He formed the band 'Alcazar' shortly after in 1988, released an EP and album under that moniker. After taking a break from the music business to raise his son, he came back and released a solo album in 2003 titled “Reasons for a Decade” on Lion Music. He went on to support bands like Dream Theater, Tony Macalpine, Greg Howe, and then played with Steve Vai after winning the Sam Ash “Best in Shred” contest in Columbus, OH.

In 2014, Steberl founded "Project Alcazar." The music style is instrumental progressive metal which highlights not only Steberl's guitar skills, but includes plenty of time for keyboardist Caleb Hutslar and drummer Mark Zonder  (Fates Warning, Warloard) to also shine making his 2020 album "Lost in Centralia" released on Guitar One Records more than simply a guitar virtuoso album with plenty of progressive edge to keep everything interesting. 


Currently, a re-release of a Christian, metal album with Strypers Robert Sweet “A Glow in the Dark” is set to be made available on CD and vinyl through Roxx Records in July 2023. Also, expect a vocal CD release in Spring 2024 with drummer Mark Zonder and vocalist Patrick Boggs. 



Mr. Matt Cistone is the Southend's other boy. Playing out of Grove City, Matt has played and performed on all levels of Music. The master of the 6 string bass, he adds the bottom to any song with flair, while entertaining the crowd with not only his musicianship, but his strong vocals. His bands include Sybil, Project Alcazar, The Liquor Talking, a stint with Stadium 11 and countless projects and studio work. He is also one of Central Ohio's favorite musicians for his honesty, integrity and I can truly say, one helluva nice guy.


Currently teaching bass to many Central Ohio musicians.

Please contact Matt directly for lessons.



On keyboards, Mark is one of the most incredible musicians I have ever met. Not only a excellent piano player, he is the master of the Hammond Organ sound. Mark Kreis is an engaging, funny, talented man I have just actually met. I knew who Mark was, and not only worked as a musician, but also as a sound engineer and studio producer. He has a very versatile playing style and great vocals. Mark is also a very great artist and teaches art in the Marysville area.

Written by Ronny Duncan with reverence.

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